Basically, the general support from other members. You' ll be free to do as you wish and to play EVE in the manner you prefer. You like to solo explore, run missions, or ratting in null sec? That's OK. However, from time to time you could need help.

In addition, we provide some benefits and from time to time some joint operations are organized.
1. Citadels in wormholes
2. Basic training for new players.
3. Basic fleet training, with mock battles.
Dedicated teamspeak3 server.
Free ships, fully fitted.
Joint operations
Joint operations are scheduled in the private area of Corporation's site.
1. Wormhole activities.
2. Missions up to level 4 and 5.
3. Fleets in low sec and null sec for ratting.
4. Occasional fleets in low sec and null sec for
Missions, wormholes and low sec ratting are an important source of incomes for the Corporation.
In addition to all the above, we also have an industrial department