Not much actually. Freedom is our keyword. We just ask to be helpful with your corp mates and to genearlly behave in a proper way: do not insult others and so on... We are going to be on the "good guys" side, aren' t we?
General Requirements
English Language?
Microphone and Headphones
1. Your security status must allow you to live and travel in high sec space.
2. You must not commit any piracy act.
Yes, we are going to speak English here. However, do not worry if your English is poor: if you are understanding this page it is more than enough. We hope to become an international corp.
This corp is not much for chatting, socializing and so on. We just want to enjoy the game. However we do need microphone and headphones during fleet operations. For that, we recommend installing teamspeak3 client: it can be downloaded for free here. Once you join, you will be provided our ts3 server info when needed.
As said, don' t worry if your English is not that good. You just need to learn some basic fleet commands, such as
align to..., warp to..., primary target is..., jump on contact and so on.
In order to finance the benefits it provides, the Corporations asks for some in game taxes (ISKs). Tax rate will vary according to the current situation. Remember that taxes only affect NPC bounties and missions rewards. They are currrently set to 5.0%.