Our corporation used to have its main base in a class 1 wormhole with static high sec exit, that means it connects every day to a new high sec system.
As wormhole, it is
lawless space like null sec, but we had control over this system, that was actually owned by the alliance we are part of. Thus, living here was reasonably safe.
In the system we had a Fortizar as main home, a Raitaru with manufactury and R&D facilities and bonuses, an Athanor for polymer reactions and two more Athanor for moon mining.
In our wormhole you could do exploration, run combat sites, mine high end ore, settle production chain, or play with Planetary Interaction. W-space has many bonuses for everything: better ore, better sites, better planets. Also manufactury and research bonuses are higher. It often connects to other wormholes, also highest class ones.
In short, you can experience the real
freedom (and the real danger...) of EVE life, and make some fair profit from it.
In our citadels we had billions in equipment and ships, and we were ready to defend them against intruders and invaders. You were then welcome to set any of these structures as your new home. Until this happened: Fall of J155203 - An EVE Story
Our wormholes, more in detail.