Version 1.0
1. Introduction
This ships replacement program (SRP) mainly involves T1 frigates, T1 destroyers and some T1 cruisers. They are all fully fitted Gallente ships.
Basically, every Corporation's member will be given at least a frigate. If the ship is destroyed in combat, either PvE or PvP, the ship will be replaced by the Corporation. However, the amount of ships that a member can receive might be limited by CEO and Directors, depending on the circumstances.
2. Financing
The program is financed by the taxes paid by Corporation's members.
3. Replacements
In order to get a ship replacement, it must be proven that the previous ship was actually destroyed in combat. In order to do so, the kill mail has to be sent to the CEO or to a Director. A new ship will be contracted in one of the operational Corporation's offices. In some special circumstances a few replacements could be made directly available in some public Corporation's hangars.
4. Joint Operations
If you are partecipating in a Corporation joint operation, such as a mission or a fleet, you could be offered a better ship than that you are currently flying, for example a cruiser if you actually are in a frigate. In this case you are supposed to return the new ships when said operation is done.
5. Solo Players
If you don' t like playing with other members and prefer solo missioning or PvP-ing, you can still receive your free ship. You are still paying taxes after all...
6. Ships Ownership
The ships from this SRP are not gifts: they are just lent to you. You can operate them as you wish, but you cannot sell them or lend them outside the Corporation without the permission from a CEO or a Director. If you decide to leave the Corporation, you are kindly asked to return the ship to the closest Corporation's office.