You can buy shares of Fun Solo Alliance in game. You can find here how the shares system works in Eve Online.
From time to time shareholders will be given dividends. The amount and the frequency of the dividends will depend on how the corporation will do.
The price of the shares is calculated with a formula that anchors it to the value of the assets of the corporation and of course it may vary across the time.
Total shares:
Shares available for sale:
Share value (1 share):

200 (0 left)
20.000.000,00 ISK
How to buy shares
1. If you hold Junior Member or Member title in corporation, you can jump to step 3.
2. E-mail the CEO in game to be approved as shareholder (if it is the first time).
3. E-mail the CEO telling how many shares you are buying.
4. Send the CEO the amount of ISKs corresponding to the shares you want to buy.
5. CEO will send you the shares you bought.