If you are a new player that has just completed the tutorial and that is being sent to some career agent, you are defintely welcome to join us!

Here you can find some suggestions you might follow after joining.

First of all, head to Corporation's headquarters in Oursulaert.
Start training the skills required to fly Corp ships. You' ll be given some free skill books.
Once you are able to fly a corp ship, ask the CEO or a Director for one and spend some weeks running missions around headquarter.
We recommend choosing agents from Federal Administration or Duvolle Laboratories.

Besides the skills you need for ships, we also recommend to train Social and Connection, in order to get better missions as soon as possible. Better missions mean better incomes!

All Alpha Clones pilots welcome!

We propose to alpha clones a short manufacturing guide to make some fair isk with moderate effort. The guide was provided by our member Sitah Kai

exploration can be fun and a good source of isk. If you are a starter, you may find
exploration guide, provided again by Sitah Kai, useful.

If you are interested in learning the ropes of
PvP, you can read this short PvP guide provided by our member and Vice Director Han Sollow.

If you are not interested in joining a corp but still want some basic training, check our
Open Fleets!
New PLayers Guidelines