The underlying idea of our program is that people mine in our mining fleets and sell the ore to the corp at a convenient price, typically 90% of regional price.
When you join a fleet with one of our
qualified fleet commanders, you get special bonuses that make you able to mine faster, for example 30% / 40% faster: that means in the same time you get 30% / 40% more ore. In addition, we provide Orca on field and you can drop the ore in the ship, with no need to waste time to dock at stations. This way, both you and corp gain something. We are able to track who mined what via fleet log and you will get paid as the fleet operations are over.

With the ore we
manufacture ships and items to sell to market with some profit. Most of the incomes are re-invested in corp to buy ships for missions and PvP, ammo, equipment, and to finance our ship replacements programs and pay offices rentals.

Open Fleets!
Abovementioned fleets are now open also to non-members. If you are interested and you hold diplomat role in your corp, you can e-mail our CEO to ask to make our corporations mutually blue. If you wish to join on an individual basis, just e-mail Rob Zahm or Harlock Riose in game.