Version 1.1
1. Introduction
Being part of Fun Solo Alliance grants you the chance to benefit from an additional insurance in case you loose your ship in combat, either PvE or PvP. This insurance can of course cumulate with standard EVE insurance. No fee is due: the fact itself of being a corporation's member entitles you for a refund.
However, the amount of ISKs that a member can receive might be limited by CEO and Directors, depending on the circumstances.
2. Financing
The program is financed by the taxes paid by Corporation's members.
4. Refund Procedure
In order to get a refund, it must be proven that the ship was actually destroyed in combat. In order to do so, the kill mail has to be sent to the CEO or to a Director.
5. Limitations
In order to get a refund, all the following conditions must be met:
1. you must be a full member (
Junior Members and Trial Members are currently not eligible)
2. the lost ship must have been reasonably fitted
6. Compatibility with Ships Replacement Program
This insurance is not compatible with SRP. In case of loss you have to opt for one of the two proposed solutions.
3. Scope of Insurance
This insurance covers all kinds of ships and fittings, with the limitations listed in paragraph 5.
The amount of ISKs that will be refunded is the
50% of the cost of the destroyed hull, as reported in the kill mail.
The maximum allowed refund will be 50M ISKs.