Industry is a very important activity for our corp: we basically sustain ourselves by selling our products. We have an Industrial Department for interested members. It is structured so that it can help both the Corporation and the members who contribute. There is no need to be a full time industrialist to be involved with this department. Partecipation is fully voluntary.

Three parties are involved in the department:
• the Corporation as a whole
• the
• the contributing members
The Corporation invests money, offers PvP protection and scouts in low sec systems.
The interested
members mine, produce materials, research and invent blueprints and sell ore and goods to Corporation at a convenient price. They can help in building items as well. The department managers build the items and sell them on market. They are also in charge of deciding what to produce and of doing the required math to fix the prices both for internal exchanges and for the market.
Part of the incomes are used to pay the managers and the members who contributed by building items. What is left is given to Corporation.
This way everybody gains something while helping the Corporation.
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