The blockade
"They can't keep this blockade up all the time!" said we. Well guys: we were wrong. We were so damn wrong: they could, and they did...
From the beginning they had been guarding the high sec entrance of the wormhole, with the help of warp bubbles on the inner side. They had been killing everybody who had tried to exit and had kept rolling the entrance to prevent people from entering. Han and a few others had been podded too.
This is when I got that feeling that something was wrong. We had faced some similar threats in past, but this time it looked different, for some reasons I could not identify, yet.
Now, we had a problem. We had capital ships inside the Fortizar, but our best pilots were ouside. We only had a couple of alts inside, but not fully trained for capitals yet. We had to get back inside, no matter what!.
I decided to try near downtime. I guessed they would wait until last minute before rolling the current exit. We had a Junior Officer inside, Kento Zakalwe, who was in a PvP Enyo.
You know, enyos can be tough small ships :-). I asked him to force the blockade and to bookmark the entrance. I also ordered him to aggress them in high sec to gain us time, should have they popped out to roll the wormhole. He landed near exit and rammed to it, overheating AB. They didn't notice him at first, but only when he was 10 km from exit. They webbed him, hit him, but he reached jump range by inertia, in a burning ship. As expected, they didn't came out immediately to roll the entrance. They were waiting last minute! Han and I started a reace in two interceptors to reach the system, while Kento was camping the entrance in high sec.
Everything happened during last minute before downtime. They came out to close the entrance, Kento aggressed them, Han and I entered the system while CONCORD was killing the poor Kento, who later would get the
Silver Knight Heart medal for this action.
We were inside! Now we could give them a fight!