The Fall of J155203
An EVE story, by Harlock Riose
It was a sunny morning in my town, nobody at home and a long weekend starting. I had some nice plans, that didn't involve Eve Online for a change. I gave a last look to Evanova app, just in case... "Our Fortizar is under siege". "Notification: structure lost shields". "Notification: structure lost shields". "Notification: structure lost shields"...
First Contact
During the night a fleet of 25+ faction bcs and T2 logis had attacked all our installations in J155203. They had fully caught us by surprise, since we had not had any intel about such an operation. Our intel might not be the best around, but in past it had serverd us well enough.
From 7 to 10 logis were reported being part of the attacking fleet (
ten logis? are you joking?).
Those days most of us were outside the wormhole, engaged in some PvP practice fleets. We had only a small group inside the system, led by Vice Director Han Sollow. They tried to put up a defense fleet and manned the citadels. They were able to engage some of them in some preliminary skirmish but they were eventually outnumbered. They could kill a 500M worth Loki with Fortizar weapons though.