This corp is mainly for those players who love EVE Online but who can't spend tons of hours online due to real life. Here, nobody will boss you and you won' t have to attend mandatory meetings. You can still play solo if you like it, but you will be able to get some help when needed.

We could say that this corporation is primarily meant be to a welcoming home for those whom you may call occasional players, and who might have to stay offline for even long periods. Wouldn' t it be nice, when you finally come back, to always find a couple of corp's mates still willing to fleet up with you?

Of course, however, there will always be some activity, at least weekly, and any kind of player is welcome, also new players. New players may benefit from our basic training while still helping around, and then they will decide whether to stay further or to migrate to some bigger corp.

As stated above, from time to time there will be group activities such as fleets in low sec, missions, mining fleets in wormholes, and more. These activities will be scheduled in advance using this site and in-game resources.

Corporation's Politics
We are not planning to conquer the Galaxy, so we are going to avoid wars, if any possible.
We are part of the
Independent Corps Federation alliance.